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Surrogacy Destination India

India is world best surrogacy destination because of the low cost treatment and availability of women opting to be surrogacy1surrogates for childless couples. Moreover laws in some europian contries do not allow the surrogate woman to be paid by the childless couple so that nobody gets ready to become a Surrogate or to give her effort or time to potential parents. Whereas in India, compensation is allowed for the surrogate mother for renting her womb to a couple.

Surrogacy is a treatment which involves a woman who gets ready to become a carrier for intended parents or an individual. Yes, the term carrier refers to a woman who conceives or delivers a baby and she only makes these efforts for someone who is not able to deliver their own baby. The woman who carries a child is also called Surrogate Mother.

There are two primary types of surrogacy, called Gestational and Traditional Surrogacy and each type of surrogacy has its own place connected with the potential parents.

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy or Womb on rent is an arrangement I which a woman carries baby of another couple. Surrogate receives compensation for the same and this arrangement is called commercial surrogacy. Surrogacy works like a miracle for the couples who never thought they could be able to have child. In surrogacy the child is conceived by IVF & ICSI. Intended mother’s or Egg donor’s eggs and the intended father’s sperm are used to create an embryo via IVF that is implanted into and carried by the surrogate mother. With this method, the child born is genetically related to its parents and the surrogate mother has no genetic relation.

Hope is like peace. It is not a gift from god; it is gift we can give one another.

To whom surrogacy is advised

Surrogacy is advised to the couples due to inability of mother to conceive, or carry a child due to medical or other problems. Women whose ovaries are producing eggs but they do not have uterus, a woman uterus is malformed or damaged, woman suffering from diabetes, heart, kidney Rh incompatibility, no functioning ovaries, woman who is at a risk of passing a genetic disease to her offspring may also opt for surrogacy.

How to choose a surrogate mother

It’s our responsibility to determine that the surrogate mother is mentally & physically healthy, few of the blood samples are carried out before starting the selection process and we make sure that the surrogate mother will follow the protocols of Indian Council of Medical Research for ethical surrogacy program. The Surrogate is screened for infectious disease like sexually transmitted diseases, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, and VDRL. Thalassemia screening and few more investigations, ultimately the surrogate is finalize by the IVF specialist.

Our vision is to bring smile among childless couples by making them proud parents and mission is to bring world class surrogacy services to childless couples from Indian & Abroad, we promise to provide the transparent surrogacy solution for a positive outcome.