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Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is different from conventional in vitro fertilization (IVF). In ICSI the embryologist chooses a single sperm to be injected straight into an egg, instead of fertilization taking place in a dish where many icsi1sperm are placed near an egg.icsi1


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ICSI treatment is suitable for whom?

ICSI enables fertilisation to happen when there are very few sperm available.

»  People having a very low sperm count
» Many other problems with the sperm have been identified, such as poor morphology (unusual shape) or poor motility (not moving normally).
» During previous efforts at IVF, there was a failure of fertilization or an unexpectedly low fertilization rate. You need sperm to be collected surgically from the testicles or epididymis (a narrow tube inside the scrotum, where sperm are collected and matured); for example, you do not ejaculate sperm because you have had a vasectomy, or because you have extremely low sperm production.

» When you are using frozen sperm in your treatment which is not of optimum quality.
»  you are using embryo testing.


How is Semen retrieved for ICSI process?


For men who have low sperm count or sperm with low mobility, the sperm may be collected through normal emission.  The microsurgical vasectomy reversal is the most cost-effective option for restoring fertility if the man has had a vasectomy. When a competent microsurgical vasectomy reversal has failed,  or when the man refuses surgery, needle aspiration or microsurgical sperm retrieval are good alternatives. Needle aspiration permits physicians to efficiently and immediately obtain adequate numbers of sperm for the procedure of ICSI. A small needle is used to extract sperm directly from the testis.


Needle aspiration is a simple procedure performed under sedation with minimum pain; however, there are chances of pain and swelling afterward. The sperm obtained from testis is only appropriate for ICSI procedures when testicular sperm is not able to penetrate an egg by itself.


How is ICSI performed?

There are basically five simple steps to ICSI which are:

»  The mature egg is held with a specialized pipette.
»  A very delicate, sharp, and hollow needle is used to immobilize and pick up a single sperm.
»  The needle is then carefully inserted.
»  The sperm is inserted into the cytoplasm, and the needle is precisely removed.
»  The eggs are inspected the subsequent day for the testimony of normal fertilization.
»  The embryo transfer procedure is practiced to physically place the embryo in the woman’s uterus when the steps of ICSI are complete and propagation is successful. The fertility specialist may use a blood test or ultrasound to resolve if implantation and pregnancy have occurred.